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Photo of Ancin Munnings DTM
Ancin Munnings, DTM
Club Growth Director

Ancin Munnings is a Senior Coordinator of IT Operations by profession. A Toastmaster since 2012, Ancin did not seek out Toastmasters at all! After graduating from Government High his former boss and now fellow Toastmaster invited him to attend a meeting of The First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters Club 1600 but declined due to seeing it as not being “his kind of thing” at that time being an introvert. However, five years later the offer came to him again to visit Club 1600 and he accepted it discovering that this is what is needed to “get him out of his shell”. Since joining Toastmasters, he has climbed the ladder of leadership serving in all club officer positions (Sergeant at Arms to President), serving as the Area 93 Director, serving as the Club Retention Chairman (for The Bahamas), he is currently the Division I Director of District 47 and was elected as the Club Growth Director of District 47 (2023-2024). Ancin obtained the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster designation (the highest education award in Toastmasters) in 2020. Ancin credits Toastmasters for finding his path in life and the myriad of experiences and mentorship along his journey shaped him into the professional that he is today being a leader and not a follower. He states, “Being a leader is the most responsible, yet most rewarding role anyone could have, for that reason, it is not an easy task to become one and it is even more difficult to maintain the role. If you wish to become a good leader you must be an effective communicator with a no excuses, only adjustments mindset”. He is an avid reader, and sports enthusiast, and loves to travel.

Photo of Catherine McManus
Catherine McManus
Club Retention Chair (U.S.)

Catherine McManus is an Assistant General Counsel with twelve years’ experience in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. She is assigned to the Appellate Division, and previously worked in the Complex Business Litigation Division. Catherine was honored to receive the G.E.M. (Going the Extra Mile) in 2018, and has earned recognition for her volunteer work on the Circuit’s law library fundraisers. She is currently a board member of the Miami-Dade Bar Association. Catherine is active on the Miami-Dade Bar’s Appellate Courts Committee, and serves as a Board member of the Florida Trial Court Staff Attorney Association, representing both the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court and the Third District Court of Appeal.

Catherine graduated from William Mitchell College of Law, and was part of the school’s Moot Court team. She earned her undergraduate degree from Florida International University on a full tennis scholarship. She recently completed her LLM in taxation (online) at Boston University.
Catherine has been active in the Miami Dade Toastmasters since 2017. She held the positions of Treasurer, Acting Vice-President of Membership, Vice-President of Education, and President. From 2021-2022, she was the Area 53 Director. In her club, she served as a mentor to new Toastmasters, and is currently a mentor. At the 2021-2022 Hall of Fame Celebration, she received the tremendous honor of being selected as the Division E Most Outstanding Area Director; District 47 Distinguished Area 53 Director; and the overall Area Director of the Year for District 47.
Founder of Florida International University’s Debate Team and Captain of the Women’s Division I Tennis team, she still has a wicked backhand.

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Photo of Juliana Clarke DTM
Juliana Clarke, DTM
Club Retention Chair (BAH)

Juliana became a Toastmaster in 2014. Her involvement in Toastmasters has added to her leadership and communication skills. She served as the Division F Director for Toastmasters International, District 47
(2020-2021). Her previous positions also include Division F Area 63 Director, Club President, Vice President Education, Vice President Membership, Treasurer, and Secretary. Juliana achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster award in July 2020 which is the highest individual honor for the Toastmasters program.

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Photo of Andrew Bern DTM
Andrew Bern, DTM
Member Extension (U.S.)

Andrew joined Toastmasters in 2012 and earned Distinguished Toastmasters accreditation in 2016, 2020, and 2023. He has been a lecturer, author, and coach. He is currently a member of 5 clubs. A Founding / Charter member of Online Presenters started in 2017. The club remains the largest Virtual Club. He has served as a President (Distinguished Club President); Other club leadership roles include (VPE, VPPR, and Secretary), an Area (Select Distinguished), and Division (President Distinguished) Director. He was a member of the D47 Trio as the Club Growth Director (receiving a TI award for his performance. He has also served in these roles at the District level: Parliamentarian, DTM Manager, and Chair of the Corporate Committee. He has helped two clubs become distinguished as a Club Coach and served as a club mentor (for a newly created coach two times). At the same time, Club Growth Director, more than 18 clubs were chartered. He served in the role of chair for numerous TLIs and speech contests. During 2022, he served as a VPE (2), a club President, and Co-chair of DTM Management for the District in 2021-2022. He was the chief judge for District 48 in 2022. He has been a practicing Emergency Physician for the last 43 years. He married his wife, Judith, with two grown children, Michael and Suzanne. Both are married with children, Elinor and Madaline (Michael) and August (Suzanne). He enjoys technology, photography, music, travel, and family. He is committed to the Pathway Education Program.

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Photo of Olethea Gardiner-Miller DTM
Olethea Gardiner-Miller, DTM
Member Extension (BAH)

When often asked “why did I join Toastmasters”, my response is always a quick-witted “I talk a lot but I want to be able to speak well”, while elaborating on all the professional benefits I thought an organization such as this would provide. But becoming a part of this organization in 2018, I received much more than expected.
Throughout my journey within the programme, I gravitated to the leadership path, focusing my innate skills of organization and attention to detail to working behind the scenes and assisting my Club as well as other clubs within the District wherever I could. Coupled with a great support system and mentoring team, I allowed those skills to be brought to the forefront and stepped fully into leadership positions while serving on the executive board of my home Club of Freeport Eagles Club 1425, as well as my dual Club of Advanced Communicators and Leaders of the Bahamas 7791596.
When given the position of power, one must be prepared to serve, and that is what I continue to do. During the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year, I served as the Area 90 Director, sharing the wisdom of what I gleaned from those that went before me, while empowering those leaders that are to follow.
After receiving the highest educational award of Distinguished Toastmaster, I am pleased to be able to truly embody the motto of Toastmasters International – “where leaders are made”. John Wooden states “the most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example” and with so much more to garner from this programme, I will remain dedicated and committed to serving as an exemplary Distinguished Toastmaster while being that stepping stone for my fellow Toastmasters to create their own legacies.

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Photo of Blaze Goldsmith DTM
Blaze Goldsmith, DTM
Club Extension (U.S)

Blaze Goldsmith has been a Toastmaster since 2019. He has spoken at schools, prisons and conferences.
In Toastmasters he served as Area Director, Division Director and is now VP of Membership at his home Toastmasters club. Blaze has competed as well, from CrossFit competitions to numerous half marathons to even speech contests. He’s also a Life Coach and loves the process and progress he’s seen in his clients. His mission is sharing his purpose and helping others align with their purpose to change the world effectively, efficiently, and optimally.

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Photo of Ray-Don Poitier DTM
Ray-Don Poitier, DTM
Club Extension (BAH)

Ray-Don Poitier is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the fields of Electronics and Electrical disciplines. Born in the Bahamas, he has dedicated over 20 years to the engineering industry, gaining extensive
experience as a technician. Recently, he embarked on a significant career shift and entered the insurance industry, where he currently excels as a Financial Services Representative.
In addition to his professional achievements, Ray-Don has also made significant contributions to the Toastmasters organization. With over 11 years of active involvement, he
has honed his public speaking and leadership skills, serving as a past Area Director and taking on various roles at the club level. Currently, Ray-Don holds the esteemed position of Club President at the First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters Club 1600, where he guides and inspires fellow members on their journey towards self-improvement.
Beyond his professional and Toastmasters pursuits, Ray-Don is a devoted husband and father. His strong commitment to his family and his personal values is evident in his daily life. He lives by the mantra, “No man ever achieved greatness by leaving the job undone,” which encapsulates his relentless drive to complete tasks to the best of his abilities and achieve exceptional results.
With his extensive experience, versatile skill set, and unwavering dedication, Ray-Don Poitier continues to make a positive impact in both his professional and personal spheres, inspiring others to strive for greatness and leave no job unfinished.

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