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Photo of CeCe Espeut DTM
CeCe Espeut, DTM
Recognition Florida Co-Chair

CeCe Espeut is a former US Marine, author, and two-time TEDx speaker. She joined Toastmasters in 2016 and since then has achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster Award four times. CeCe is a member of four clubs. CeCe has served in District 47 as an Area Director and as Club Growth Committee Chair, where she helped 200+ Toastmasters achieve their Distinguished Toastmasters award.
CeCe’s life is centered on three core values; God, Family, and Education.
CeCe currently attends Florida International University (FIU) where she is studying Industrial Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Change Management and Personal Development.
CeCe is a keynote speaker at leadership conferences around the world where she speaks about Imposter Syndrome, Storytelling, and 2nd Chances. On the surface, these topics may not seem to be related but in actuality, they all deal with the stories we tell ourselves and our beliefs.

Photo of Andin Edwards DTM
Andin Edwards, DTM
Area 92 Director

Andin Edwards is a Radiological Technologist, Sonographer, Adult Trainer, and Certified Professional Coach. Through her experience in the healthcare field, Andin knows first-hand what a stress-filled, yet exciting career, demands of people. This background combined with her involvement in Toastmasters has enhanced her abilities in leading, mentoring, and coaching others as they strive to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Whether they desire career advancement, work-life balance, leadership skills, or doing public speaking, Andin has witnessed the bold positive changes her clients and her fellow-toastmasters are willing to make to improve themselves and their environment.
Working as a Certified Coach and as a mentor and leader in the Toastmasters Organization, Andin is committed to her clients’ growth and development. She is always ready to support, guide and champion them as they strive to achieve their goals.
Andin is a life-long learner who believes that there is always more room for growth. She wholeheartedly believes, The Toastmasters Organization provides a world class education program with many opportunities to become effective communicators and leaders.
Andin began her toastmaster’s journey in October 1998 and received the Distinguished Toastmasters Award, the highest Award in the Toastmasters, in 2015.
Personal Quote: “Be authentic, own your inner image”