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Andrew Bern, DTM

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Andrew joined Toastmasters in 2012 and earned Distinguished Toastmasters accreditation in 2016, 2020, and 2023. He has been a lecturer, author, and coach. He is currently a member of 5 clubs. A Founding / Charter member of Online Presenters started in 2017. The club remains the largest Virtual Club. He has served as a President (Distinguished Club President); Other club leadership roles include (VPE, VPPR, and Secretary), an Area (Select Distinguished), and Division (President Distinguished) Director. He was a member of the D47 Trio as the Club Growth Director (receiving a TI award for his performance. He has also served in these roles at the District level: Parliamentarian, DTM Manager, and Chair of the Corporate Committee. He has helped two clubs become distinguished as a Club Coach and served as a club mentor (for a newly created coach two times). At the same time, Club Growth Director, more than 18 clubs were chartered. He served in the role of chair for numerous TLIs and speech contests. During 2022, he served as a VPE (2), a club President, and Co-chair of DTM Management for the District in 2021-2022. He was the chief judge for District 48 in 2022. He has been a practicing Emergency Physician for the last 43 years. He married his wife, Judith, with two grown children, Michael and Suzanne. Both are married with children, Elinor and Madaline (Michael) and August (Suzanne). He enjoys technology, photography, music, travel, and family. He is committed to the Pathway Education Program.

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