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Olethea Gardiner-Miller, DTM

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When often asked “why did I join Toastmasters”, my response is always a quick-witted “I talk a lot but I want to be able to speak well”, while elaborating on all the professional benefits I thought an organization such as this would provide. But becoming a part of this organization in 2018, I received much more than expected.
Throughout my journey within the programme, I gravitated to the leadership path, focusing my innate skills of organization and attention to detail to working behind the scenes and assisting my Club as well as other clubs within the District wherever I could. Coupled with a great support system and mentoring team, I allowed those skills to be brought to the forefront and stepped fully into leadership positions while serving on the executive board of my home Club of Freeport Eagles Club 1425, as well as my dual Club of Advanced Communicators and Leaders of the Bahamas 7791596.
When given the position of power, one must be prepared to serve, and that is what I continue to do. During the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year, I served as the Area 90 Director, sharing the wisdom of what I gleaned from those that went before me, while empowering those leaders that are to follow.
After receiving the highest educational award of Distinguished Toastmaster, I am pleased to be able to truly embody the motto of Toastmasters International – “where leaders are made”. John Wooden states “the most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example” and with so much more to garner from this programme, I will remain dedicated and committed to serving as an exemplary Distinguished Toastmaster while being that stepping stone for my fellow Toastmasters to create their own legacies.

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