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Romina Gotzmann

     Graphics Designer
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Romina joined Toastmasters in March 2019 at The Toastmasters Club at FAU. Within three months of meeting the confreres at this rockstar club, she eagerly became the VP of Education and helped her club reach President’s Distinguished first in all of District 47. The next year, she became the Area 30 Director in Division C. She led the area to Select Distinguished status during the tumultuous first year of the coronavirus pandemic. Not to be outdone, she then served on Past District Director (PDD) Austen Canonica’s Public Relations (PR) team as the District 47 Webmaster from ’22-’23. Her most recent contribution has been coordinating social media content for the Division C ’23’-’24 PR team, under Kay Stagray’s excellent leadership.
Expanding upon the ideals of any true “Toastie”, Toastmaster Gotzmann aims to enhance her leadership and mentorship skills to be as articulate, compassionate, and passably funny as possible. A career in both environmental and computer science drives her personal quest to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)-geared solutions.

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