District 47 Clubs

This is the District 47 Alignment as of July 1, 2023. For more information about these and other clubs, please visit https://www.toastmasters.org/find-a-club.

Division A – South Broward/North Miami-Dade Counties

AreaClub NumberClub Name
105758Weston Area Toastmasters Club
101261950Hollywood Toastmasters
107376003Sunrise Toastmasters
107995181UKG Build Toastmasters
112096Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters
112508Davie Toastmasters
113532365Broward College Toastmasters Chapter
117840406Shark Tank Toastmasters
127653Universal Toastmasters Club #7653
121007807Miramar Dynamic Toastmasters
121489049Universal Advanced Toastmasters
122566217Freedom Speakers-Toastmasters
136568Miami Lakes Club
131390883Saturday Fearless Toastmasters
133248923Miami Gardens Toastmasters Club
135883077Toastmasters of BankUnited
146003Paul Spiewak Toastmasters Club.
143034515Miramar Bilingual Speakers Toastmasters
143815740Team Entrepreneur Toastmasters
146003592West Pines Toastmasters Club
147404346SGWS SFL Toastmasters
153840North Miami Beach Toastmasters Club
155754Daybreak Toastmasters Club
151348034Art of Speaking Toastmasters
157905675Claro Enterprise Solutions Toastmasters Club

Division B – Northern and Central Broward County

AreaClub NumberClub Name
212266Proud Speakers Club
213278Club V.O.I.C.E.
213659Early Bird Toastmasters
211498739Broward Bilingual Toastmasters Club
217967066DSD Toastmasters
223001Friendly Club of Fort Lauderdale
229400Toast of Las Olas
22589263Power Speakers Club
221118683BPB Talking Heads
227709126RSM South Florida
232582Plantation Club
235931Crossroads Club
23639107First Edition Club
237262262Sunrise Champion Speakers
237840560South Florida PMI Toastmasters
243003Pompano Beach Toastmasters
249745Plantation Pointe Toastmasters
24590751Sawgrass Toastmasters Club
247594558Toastmasters of Tamarac
2428675811Sonny’s Speak EZ

Division C – Northern Broward and Southern Palm Beach Counties

AreaClub NumberClub Name
302225Delray Newsmakers Club
306818Bill Gove Golden Gavel Club
301216633NCCI Toastmasters
303299156City of Delray Beach
306512963Sailfish Toastmasters
308001215Toastmasters at CCH
313299Boca Raton Toastmasters
313518Sensor Toast Club
314345782The Toastmasters Club At FAU
317845161MSFT Federal Toastmasters
321216688Boca Speak Easy Toastmasters
321567808Club Paradise
321888268Boca Raton Advanced Toastmasters
328001214CCH Toastmasters
327692356Toastmasters At JM Family
327742409ModMed Toastmasters
331978West Boca Toastmasters Club
332445Club Awesome Toastmasters
3314503511st US Portuguese Toastmasters
331575030Club Power Speakers
342903Achievers Club
341469413Outspoken Toastmasters
347843250Positively Impacting Lives Toastmasters
347851603CSCCR Chamber Voices
3428675870Toasting Under the Sun

Division D – Port St. Lucie, Martin and Northern Palm Beach Counties

AreaClub NumberClub Name
403466Treasure Coast Advanced Toastmasters Club
408181Palm City Orators
408437Port St. Lucie Speakers
401206922Hobe Sound Toasters
403589459Talking Heads of Stuart
422727Gold Coast Toastmasters Club
421376226High Voltage Voices
421778344Scientifically Speaking
425083709The REAL Toastmasters Club
4228675576First Republic Bank FL
431510120Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters
431588575The Palm Beach Toastmasters Club
436924927#clerkspeaksquad Toastmasters
437967898Emerald Toastmasters Club
445222Sunset Speakers Toastmasters Club
445390Talk Of The Town Club
446775Wellington Toastmasters Club
448664RiverWalk Toastmasters Club
4522Palm Beach Noon Toastmasters Club
455173Freddy’s Forum Toastmasters Club
454055202Palm Beach County
455616466The Toastmasters Club At Palm Beach State College

Division E – Southern Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties

AreaClub NumberClub Name
501913022MIA Tarmac Speakers
504486222Miami-Wynwood Toastmasters
505575442Out-of-the-Box Toastmasters
506098434305 Speaks
51861Doral Toastmasters
517082Voice Of Champions Club
511457364Electrifying Voices
514555744Dade County Toasters
516829448World Fuel Toastmasters
517925370Toastmasters at FIU EC
537619Brickell Toastmasters Club
538251Miami Dade Toastmasters Club
531293723Miami Beach Toastmasters
534054964Blue Lagoon Toastmasters
534916034The Landing
541695Coral Gables Toastmasters
542283Miracle Mile Toastmasters Club
542463South Dade Toastmasters Club
542798Miami Advanced Toastmasters Club (CTM’s)
548370West Kendall Toastmasters Club 8370
541582184Grove-Gables Toastmasters
556298Key West Toastmasters
55704393Florida  Keys Toastmasters
551412303Cutler Bay Toastmasters
557949205Sysco South Florida

Division F – Abaco, Andros, Grand Bahama, and New Providence Islands of the Bahamas

AreaClub NumberClub Name
601095Action For Achievement Club 1095
606796BAMSI Club Altitude
60971904Chickcharney Toastmasters Club
601510789Luminaries Toastmasters Club #1510789
607875684Leading Voices Toastmasters Club
613596New Providence Branch of Toastmasters
617178Healing Communicators Club
614719842FG Knights
617717904East Central Archdeaconry
628123First Exuma Branch Club 8123
621358961B.U.T. Nation Builders
622591529Cable Revolutionaries Toastmasters 2591529
627031743Police Dynamic Enforcers
627773041Pinewood Trendsetters
631200778Dynamic Persuaders
631811702Achievers of Excellence Club #1811702
637548881Visionaries Toastmasters Club
637892665Circle of Excellence Toastmasters Club
6328676031Celebrity XLED

Division I – Eleuthera and New Providence Islands of the Bahamas

AreaClub NumberClub Name
901425Freeport Eagles
90839960Club Destiny
905183408B.P.S.U. Excellers
906847742B.U.T. Abaco Trail Blazers
907791596Advanced Communicators and Leaders of The Bahamas
911360933B.P.S.U. Majestic Marlins Toastmasters Club
915922881BFM Diplomats
916484905AGOC Nationbuilders
916724527Club Carmichael
917842684ABC Ambassadors
923956Destined For Success Toastmasters Club
927108Ernest T. Strachan Advanced TM Club
921050379E.T. Communicators
921360579P.T.A.B. Toastmasters Club
927775252The First Breakfast Toastmasters Club of The Bahamas
927820731Bahamas Integrated Toastmasters Club
931600First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters
931513325Pinnacle Seekers
932888579Soaring Eagles Club
936742900B.U.T. North Eleuthera Shakers
937012965Eloquent Voices