2024 Candidate Showcase

All candidates for District Office were interviewed by past District 47 leaders. Candidates for the same role were asked the same questions so you can compare their answers. Contested races were given 6 minutes each to answer questions. and uncontested races were given 3 minutes to answer questions. Watch the videos to learn more about each candidate, and be sure to visit the District Nominations Page to learn more about our nominated candidates at https://www.toastmastersd47.org/district-leadership-opportunities/

District Director Nominated Candidate

Price Polynice, DTM

Program Quality Nominated Candidate

Ancin Munnings, DTM

Club Growth Director Nominated Candidates

Gerard Rolle, DTM

Susan Vineta, DTM

Division Director Nominated Candidates

Division A

Beverly Ledgister

Division B

Linda Clarke, DTM

Division C

Oris Martin, DTM

Division D

Lona Fink

Division E

Cece Espeut, DTM

Division F

Dominic M. Thompson, DTM

Division Director Floor Candidates

Division I
Will be posted after April 20th