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Photo of Wence Martin DTM
Wence Martin, DTM
Division I Director

Wence Martin joined Toastmasters about 19 years ago. One of the reasons for joining Toastmasters was to improve his personal communications and public speaking skills and as well as to overcome a speech impediment. He enhanced his leadership skills by serving in numerous executive positions in his home club (Healing Communicators) as well as other clubs locally such as Pinnacle Seekers, Club Cousteau and internationally such as TCI Toastmasters Club (District 81). He has won numerous evaluation, table topics, and humorous speech contests and now assists as a training judge, parliamentarian, mentor and personal coach to many Toastmasters in multiple districts. He served as an Area Governor (President’s Distinguished Area) and District 47 Contest Chair. He received the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) designation in 2011.
Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Martin received undergraduate degrees in Business, Economics from the College of The Bahamas, and Holborn College, London. He has a terminal law degree from the University of London, a Certificate of Legal Education from Eugene Dupuch Law School, a Master of Laws from Oxford Brookes University and he is currently pursuing a doctorate in law & economic policy. He has also studied digital law and technology at Lyon Catholic University, France and numerous graduate certificates in AML-Compliance, International Taxation, International Trust Management, and International Relations/Diplomacy from various institution.
DTM Martin is an adjunct law faculty member at the University of The Bahamas Law School. As a seasoned corporate and commercial attorney, he provides legal solutions and advice on a myriad of compliance, legal, regulatory & tax issues.
He also organises free legal aid clinics that cater to civil society, charities, etc. His hobbies include astronomy, backyard farming, reading, tennis, traveling.

Photo of Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams
Area 90 Director

Samuel Williams Jr. was born on the tiny island of New Providence Bahamas but grew up in nation’s second capital, Freeport Grand Bahama, Bahamas. He is the seventh child nine children born Shirley and Samuel Williams. He is married to Colette Williams DTM for thirty one years and the father of three beautiful daughters and two handsome and energetic grandsons. He obtained his formal education at St. Vincent de Paul Primary and Hawksbill High School where he graduated in the class of 1984. After graduation he founded a welding company called L&A industrial were he work as a pipe welder , he also received his certification in Train the trainer at Wrenn Handling , Barloworld Handling LP in Tampa Florida, and later pursuit his passion to became a heavy equipment operator . In 1986 he got the job of his dream as a heavy equipment operator with the Freeport harbor company where he worked for 19 years . He is currently employed with Five star shipping as the trucking coordinator manger. He aspires to one day become a motivational speaker. In his leisure time he enjoys bible study, doing small building projects around the home , listening to old school music and football with the 49ers being his favorite team.

Photo of Susan George
Susan George
Area 91 Director

My name is Susan George, and I am a passionate teacher who finds great joy in the art of teaching. I firmly believe that being a teacher means being a part of a transformative process, where minds are shaped, and lives are changed. Teaching has always been a magical experience for me, and this enchantment has driven me to seek further personal and professional growth. Being a teacher and mother of three, I had to strive to have a self-motivated and enthusiastic approach to life. These qualities have allowed me to pursue my dreams and face challenges head-on. As I became aware of my own potential, I realized the importance of continuous growth and improvement.
In 2017, I embarked on a journey with Toastmasters International to develop my leadership and communication skills, and it has been an incredible voyage of self-discovery and empowerment. Through active participation in various club roles, I embraced responsibility and honed my organizational skills. I had the privilege of serving as the President, VPE (Vice President of Education) twice, and Secretary in my club, each experience adding a unique layer to my personal and professional growth. These roles taught me the value of accountability, teamwork, and effective communication, shaping me into a well-rounded individual.
These experiences gained during my tenure in Toastmasters have empowered me to take on a new challenge: becoming an Area Director. This position allows me to extend my impact beyond the boundaries of my club and influence a larger community of Toastmasters. I am determined to utilize my skills and knowledge to create a positive and transformative environment for fellow members. Through my role, I aspire to create a space where members feel motivated, inspired, and empowered to unleash their full potential.

Photo of Andin Edwards DTM
Andin Edwards, DTM
Area 92 Director

Andin Edwards is a Radiological Technologist, Sonographer, Adult Trainer, and Certified Professional Coach. Through her experience in the healthcare field, Andin knows first-hand what a stress-filled, yet exciting career, demands of people. This background combined with her involvement in Toastmasters has enhanced her abilities in leading, mentoring, and coaching others as they strive to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Whether they desire career advancement, work-life balance, leadership skills, or doing public speaking, Andin has witnessed the bold positive changes her clients and her fellow-toastmasters are willing to make to improve themselves and their environment.
Working as a Certified Coach and as a mentor and leader in the Toastmasters Organization, Andin is committed to her clients’ growth and development. She is always ready to support, guide and champion them as they strive to achieve their goals.
Andin is a life-long learner who believes that there is always more room for growth. She wholeheartedly believes, The Toastmasters Organization provides a world class education program with many opportunities to become effective communicators and leaders.
Andin began her toastmaster’s journey in October 1998 and received the Distinguished Toastmasters Award, the highest Award in the Toastmasters, in 2015.
Personal Quote: “Be authentic, own your inner image”

Photo of Ramon Sweeting
Ramon Sweeting
Area 93 Director

I, Ramon Sweeting worked in the IT Industry for 30+ Years with different roles as IT Tech, , IT Help Desk, as far as Support for Networking, Hardware, Installations, and cabling. My passion is learning how things work and how to fix them.
During my school life, I was an average and above average student. I was not afforded the luxury of higher education right away like most of my peers. And I learned that hard work is the key to every man’s success.
I loved my technical classes in high school like electrical, technical drawing, and carpentry. I decided to go into a technical course after working hours when I studied electronics. That’s course opened the doors for me in the technical world, Life has always been a challenge for me therefore I embrace and learn from challenges that come my way.
I am active in Diocese & Church media ministries; I try to learn as much as I can although I think I pass the age to go back to school but never too old to learn.
Other than Toastmasters, I’m apart of the Diocese & Church Media Team, I assist several churches with Tech consulting and assisting ministries when requested.
I’m an asset to all organizations because I do some research to understand what we are doing and better able to think outside the box. “There are more ways to skin a cat”.
I have recently passed My Scrum Master certification and am looking forward to passing my CAPM soon.
You are never too old to learn because you never know what challenges will come in front of you in this fast-paced world.