District Council Meetings

The District Council meets twice a year in September and at the Spring Conference in April or May.

The District Council consists of the District Executive Committee (DEC) Members, Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents Education (VPE). Each of these members carries one vote. Presidents and VPEs may carry the vote for the other officer in their club if they cannot attend the meeting. No member can carry more than 2 votes, unless they are also a DEC member in which case they may carry that vote as well.

Information will be sent to all District Council Members prior to each meeting with instructions on how to register to vote and materials to review prior to the meeting. It is important that your club be in good standing, and you also be a dues paid member of the club and listed as the President or VPE on the Toastmasters Officer Roles by the deadline indicated in the instructions, or you will not be able to vote.

Our Credentials Chair this year is Maurice Fuller, DTM, PDD.

2023 Fall District Council Meeting

The meeting date is Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 10:00 am EST, fully online.  Please save the date.

Voting members will receive an email from our Credentials Chair, Maurice Fuller, DTM, with instructions on how to register to vote. Please download the documents below and review them before the meeting.

Please note:  In order to vote, you must be listed as the President or Vice President of Education of a club in good standing or as a DEC member.  Dues must be paid to Toastmasters International and accessible via Toastmasters International reports on September 20, 2023.  There will be no exceptions.