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Jeannie Cintron

Social Media Chair
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Meet Jeannie Cintrón, a passionate learner and dedicated professional. In 2018, she joined Plantation Toastmasters upon moving from Puerto Rico. With over two decades of experience in promotions, advertising, and marketing, she has also excelled in managing social media platforms.
In addition to her professional accomplishments, for the past fifteen years she has immersed herself in Higher Education, continuously sharpening her creative skills. Whether crafting captivating brochures or designing eye-catching marketing pieces, she breathes life into every creative endeavor.
Toastmasters has played a significant role in her personal growth, as she has taken on various leadership positions such as President, VP of Education, VP of Public Relations, and Secretary over her five-year journey. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she recently embarked on a new venture with her business, BizEdge Marketing. This endeavor allows her to unleash her artistic imagination and empowers her to help small businesses thrive. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to personal growth, creativity, and helping others succeed.
When Jeannie is not working, one of her greatest passions is planning her next trip! She eagerly dives into research, learning about the places she will be visiting, and anticipates new adventures while embracing her deep love for traveling. Jeannie candidly embodies the spirit of an enthusiastic adventurer. She constantly yearns to explore new horizons and dreams of a future where she can embark on more frequent journeys. She enthusiastically looks forward to discovering and learning about new cultures.

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