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Photo of Lois Margolin DTM
Lois Margolin, DTM
District Director

Distinguished Toastmaster Lois Margolin has been an officer in at least one of her clubs since she joined in 2012. She is currently a member of 2 hybrid clubs and 1 true in-person club. She the Treasurer of Outspoken Toastmasters and Club Powerspeakers. Lois has sponsored 131 Toastmasters.

Regarding the District, Lois was the District Finance Manager (3 times) the District Contest Chair for Florida and Technical Support Co-Chair in 2019 when we went virtual, the BLAZING B Division Director, Club Growth Director and Program Quality Director! Lois felt it was important to serve in each role before becoming District 47s District Director.

On a professional level, Lois is a CPA and her company is cleverly labeled Lois Margolin, LLC. Lois is a part time CFO for multiple companies. Lois Margolin, LLC allows you to do what you do best, manage your business and make money. In addition, Lois has a bookkeeping company that manages the daily accounting activity.

Lois loves Toastmaster’s because it provides her the opportunity to mentor people and help them discover their inner light. She believes there is nothing more rewarding than helping people find their confidence and voice. Toastmasters makes her heart sing.

Photo of Price Polynice DTM
Price Polynice, DTM
Program Quality Director

Price Polynice DTM, is a two-time Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with a diverse background in business and public speaking. He has been a proud member of Toastmasters International for 11 years. Price has dedicated himself to developing his leadership skills, serving in various club-level, area-level, division-level and district-level roles, including Area Director, Division Director, and District Club Retention Chair. He is currently a member of three clubs.

Price is a proud veteran of the United States Navy and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Executive Certificate in Project Management. He is also a TEDx Speaker Coach and Workshop Coach, sharing his expertise and knowledge to empower others. He is a sought-after workshop presenter, who shares his insights and expertise on a wide range of topics. His passion is to be of service to others, helping them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact.

Photo of Ancin Munnings DTM
Ancin Munnings, DTM
Club Growth Director

Ancin Munnings is a Senior Coordinator of IT Operations by profession. A Toastmaster since 2012, Ancin did not seek out Toastmasters at all! After graduating from Government High his former boss and now fellow Toastmaster invited him to attend a meeting of The First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters Club 1600 but declined due to seeing it as not being “his kind of thing” at that time being an introvert. However, five years later the offer came to him again to visit Club 1600 and he accepted it discovering that this is what is needed to “get him out of his shell”. Since joining Toastmasters, he has climbed the ladder of leadership serving in all club officer positions (Sergeant at Arms to President), serving as the Area 93 Director, serving as the Club Retention Chairman (for The Bahamas), he is currently the Division I Director of District 47 and was elected as the Club Growth Director of District 47 (2023-2024). Ancin obtained the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster designation (the highest education award in Toastmasters) in 2020. Ancin credits Toastmasters for finding his path in life and the myriad of experiences and mentorship along his journey shaped him into the professional that he is today being a leader and not a follower. He states, “Being a leader is the most responsible, yet most rewarding role anyone could have, for that reason, it is not an easy task to become one and it is even more difficult to maintain the role. If you wish to become a good leader you must be an effective communicator with a no excuses, only adjustments mindset”. He is an avid reader, and sports enthusiast, and loves to travel.

Photo of Christine Cajuste
Christine Cajuste
Finance Manager

Christine Cajuste join Toastmasters in 2019 and is a member of Club Power Speakers and Toastmasters of Tamarac.
She is an Accountant by trade and currently works in Municipal Government. With over thirty years in her profession. Christine is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a master’s in business administration from Florida Atlantic University.
Christine is a follower of Christ. A favorite verse being “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” She is a mother, and her hobbies include reading (for its entertainment value), walking and light gaming (Sudoku being the game of choice for the moment).
The main aim of joining Toastmasters was to improve extemporaneous and Public Speaking skills, however, having discovered the Toastmasters have so much more to offer. Christine boasts that Toastmasters is by far the best investment she has ever made and will be a Toastmaster for life.

Photo of Andrea Robinson DTM
Andrea Robinson, DTM
Public Relations Manager

Andrea Robinson is an Assistant Managing Editor at Law360, a New York City-based international legal publication. She also is an award-winning journalist and media relations consultant with more than three decades of experience.
Andrea joined Toastmasters International 13 years ago, after avoiding the organization for several years. After joining, she embraced the concepts and purposes of Toastmasters. She achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster achievement in 2020.
Andrea has served in District 47 as Division A Director and as Area Director. She is known for lending a hand to clubs in need by offering suggestions on how to engage members and tips for reaching out to their surrounding community. She also served as the editor of the Sunshiner during the leadership of District Governor Anthony “Tony” Longley.
In her professional life, Andrea appears as a contributor to the local ABC affiliate, WPLG Channel-10. For two decades she served as writer and editor at The Miami Herald, where she specialized in urban affairs reporting.
Her other organizational involvements include memberships in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists, South Florida Black Journalists, and Public Relations Society of America. In her spare time, she enjoys singing at the Universal Truth Center for Better Living in Miami Gardens.

Photo of Susan Vineta DTM
Susan Vineta, DTM
Admin Manager

Susan Vineta, DTM, a member of Toastmasters International since 2015, currently serving as the District 47, Southeast Florida and Bahamas Administrative Manager. She is a member of Daybreak, Sunrise, and Art of Speaking Toastmasters. Last year, she served as District 47 Club Extension Co-Chair. She received recognition as the 2023 Super Nova for Division A and as 2021-2022 Area 15 Director a Select Distinguished Area received the Division A Area Director of the Year award.
Professionally, Dr. Susan, a wellness entrepreneur, serves her practice members as founder of Better Energy Everyday, a concierge practice serving clients on-site with chiropractic care, nutritional consults
and lifestyle modifications providing strategies for optimized health.
Dr. Susan, passionate about the environment, chiropractic, and human rights, frequents Florida’s and the U.S. Capital’s policymakers advocating for betterment. As a professional volunteer, who loves to give back to the community, Dr. Susan gives of her time to several organizations aligned with her passions.
Currently, she is collaborating to manifest her vision of creating a sustainable healing center within Peace on Earth Ecovillage. Dr. Susan’s mission is to provide a sanctuary with access to world-class healers for residents and guests to be educated and guided to peace, love, joy, and better energy every day.

Photo of Austen Canonica DTM
Austen Canonica, DTM
Immediate Past District Director

Austen is a proud member of The Toastmasters Club at FAU since 2015. Along the way to becoming the first Distinguished Toastmaster in his club’s history, Austen has served all club officer roles plus District positions such as Area Director, Division Director, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director, all in District 47—Southeast Florida and The Islands of The Bahamas. Austen has thoroughly enjoyed volunteering in his Toastmasters tenure, with a special emphasis on supporting college/university clubs and empowering young leaders and communicators to find their voice and make an impact today.
Professionally Austen is a Marketing Director and an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Florida Atlantic University. Academically, Austen has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) double-majoring in Management and Marketing with an emphasis in Leadership, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) specializing in Marketing, and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Higher Education Leadership & Research Methodology. Austen will soon earn a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Marketing. Historically, Austen hails from an Italian-American family in New York and has been a happy resident of Southeast Florida since 1997. Personally Austen loves baseball, food, good company, reading, music, health and wellness, and learning.

Photo of Frankie Davis
Frankie Davis
Division A Director

Frankie Davis has been an active member of Toastmasters since June 2013. She is a member of Miami Gardens Toastmasters, formerly known as the Fountain Toastmasters Club, where she joined as a charter member. Frankie has served her club as President, Vice President Education, Vice President Membership, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, and Treasurer.
During 2022- 2023 Toastmasters year Frankie served District 47 as an Area Director. She also served as a Club Coach for Sunrise Toastmasters Club and helped teens build effective communication skills by serving as a Youth Leadership Coordinator. Additionally, Frankie was elected to serve District 47 as Division A Director for 2023-2024.
Frankie has been a Real Estate professional for more than twenty years. She is also a Financial Educator and enjoys teaching and helping others learn the value of financial literacy.
Frankie is committed to a journey of lifelong learning and enjoys sharing what she knows with others. She believes in moving forward and never allowing fear to “We hold her back. One of her favorite quotes was spoken by Eleanor Roosevelt, gain strength, courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.”

Photo of Beverly Ledgister
Beverly Ledgister
Area 10 Director

Beverly is a Retired Registered Nurse and is now in the Health Coaching arena. She’s married with three adult daughters. She joined Weston area toastmasters 4 years ago to be a better speaker. She has held the roles of Sargent At Arms, President, and most recently Vice President of Education and Treasurer for the Weston area Toastmasters Club. She is passionate about preventative health and personal growth.
Beverly credits Toastmasters on her growth in leadership, communication and public speaking skills.

Photo of Lauren Patrick
Lauren Patrick
Area 11 Director

Lauren Patrick is a business consultant focused on healthcare companies. She is passionate about helping businesses grow, scale and solve complex challenges.
Her consulting experience includes 10+ years at the global firm Capgemini Consulting and several years as an independent consultant. Her Fortune 500 clients have included: General Motors, Ford, Boeing, Roche/Genentech, Gap and Farmers.
She holds a BA from Yale and an MBA from Northwestern. She is also a Certified Medical Revenue Manager, Certified Physician Practice Manager and Certified Healthcare Business Consultant.

Photo of Jupshy Jasmin
Jupshy Jasmin
Area 12 Director

Jupshy graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in March 2011 and started working at Baptist Health of South Florida as an entry-level registered nurse. When Jupshy graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Nova Southeastern University in 2016, she joined Florida International University (FIU) as a Research Nurse for the Miami Adult Studies on HIV (MASH) Cohort. As part of her job, she conducts research, assesses research participants, gathers data, and manages databases. She also performs phlebotomy work. In 2018, she joined the Miami Chapter of the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA), which provides community health screenings and education. She has been actively involved in advocacy efforts during her time at HANA, helping to educate and inform her community about healthcare issues. Her Toastmasters journey began in 2020, and she served as club president from 2021 to 2022. Jupshy won the Shooting Start Award. She has been able to use the communication and leadership skills she’s learned through Toastmasters to further her advocacy efforts. She has also helped bring positive change in her community. She continues to be an active member of HANA and Toastmasters and is passionate about helping others and making a difference.

Photo of Toluleke Famuyiwa
Toluleke Famuyiwa
Area 13 Director

Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, and the CEO of Solution Illuminators LLC. As a member of Toastmasters International, he is an advance communicator bronze and advance leadership bronze. He does mastermind, workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding personal and professional growth. He teaches on Leadership and self-development in Nigeria, US, and outside. He has the testimonies of moving individual, team, and organization in the desired direction to reach their goals.
His growth-oriented outlook on life and passion for helping others reach their goals led him to join the John Maxwell Team. Prior to joining the team, he mentored students as a Jump Start Peer Educator, Peer Mentor at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry and Peer Educator trainer with Youth AIDS Health STI’s Awareness Campaign (YAHSAC) in Nigeria. He taught at Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, Frederick Community College, and Gateway College Community College at various levels. He holds a Master of Science Degree and PhD Degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University. He was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Miami and currently a postdoctoral researcher at National Institute of Health (NIH).

Photo of Nazima London
Nazima London
Area 14 Director

I was born Cheryl Nazima Alli in a small country in South America called Guyana.
I migrated to the United States about 3 decades ago, most of my life in the USA has been in South Florida.
I have a daughter who is the light of my life, she inspires me to do the best that I can and to love life the way that she does!
I love the outdoors and enjoy riding my bike, going to the beach, kayaking and hanging out with my friends.
I joined Broward College Toastmasters Club 3 years ago and have missed only one meeting because it was impossible to join from the air.
I enjoy being toastmaster; I feel that I have become a better and more competent speaker than I was 3 years ago. I would like to acquire my DTM status one day soon.

Photo of Ana Paula Harwood
Ana Paula Harwood
Area 15 Director

Ana Paula Harwood is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a Doctorate degree; she’s been in Oncology for last 15 years at Sylvester Cancer Center. She is originally from Brazil. Ana has been involved with Nurse Practitioner causes for quite a few years, starting at Sylvester Cancer Center with the Nurse Practitioner Council, then, Uhealth Council where she had a role of secretary. She was appointed by the Miami Dade Nurse Practitioner Council (MDNPC) to be the secretary and more recently as Florida Nurse Practitioner Network (FNPN) secretary.
Ana has been a member of Good Morning Gelfand Toastmaster Club for many years, however, for the last three years has shown commitment and being part of the Executive Board where she’s been a board member in almost all roles, except Treasurer and VP Membership.
Ana is passionate about helping others, spending time with family and friends. She’s married to Steven Harwood, and has a dog named Dya.

Photo of Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell
Division B Director

Christine Campbell wears many hats – she’s an accomplished author, motivational speaker, columnist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She is a Toastmasters activist and at one time belonged to eight groups, attending weekly in all of them. Currently, she is the Division B Director 2024. She is the Co-Sponsor of Superior Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Club, and also the founder of Owners2Owners Online Business Networking Group.

With over 45 years in marketing, promotions, and public relations under her belt; she strongly believes that giving back to society is a great way to succeed in life.  Her day job is working with gold and silver bullion coins and collectibles. She recently published her 2nd Edition of “Newby 101” that can be purchased on Amazon (in which eighty percent focuses on self-development). She is finishing her second book titled “Live your P.U.R.P.O.S.E.” which offers tips on how to make the most out of life.
Christine is happily married to John – her best friend and soulmate. They were married on 11-11-11. They have a large, blended family consisting of eight kids with their respective spouses along with sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild.   Her personal quote is : “Set Yourself Free, Live in the present, Dream for the  future, and Experience the Magic of New Beginnings!”

Photo of Timothy Moffitt
Timothy Moffitt
Area 21 Director

Tim is an Ohio native and a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He spent over two decades in the banking industry in the Midwest including senior positions at Fifth Third Bank, PNC, and Bank of America before moving to Fort Lauderdale almost 10 years ago. He is the founder and Co-Owner of Umbrella Credit Services, a leader in the credit repair industry. Tim is a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, New River Business Exchange, a founding member of the Oakland Park Business Association and a member of the Wilton Manors Business Association where he served as President for 3 years. In his spare time, Tim line dances and 2-steps which he has done so for the past 30 years. Tim attributes much of his success in business to Toastmasters and tells everyone, “Try it, you might like it”. Tim is an avid student of the Law of Attraction and follows Abraham Hicks among other new thought leaders. He’s continues to strive to be his very best and believes that life is all about the journey, not the destination. Tim currently lives in Oakland Park and enjoys his down time with family and friends.

Photo of Claudette Grant DTM
Claudette Grant, DTM
Area 22 Director

Toastmaster Claudette Renee Grant, began her Toastmasters International journey in 2014 after completing the Toastmasters Speech Craft program at her church in Atlanta, GA. Since that time, she has been an active member of several clubs, has chartered one club, led two Youth Leadership Programs, and served as a club coach. She earned the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award in 2019, following the traditional program. She is currently working toward her second DTM following the Pathways educational program, where she has completed the Innovative Planning path, and is completing Strategic Partnerships as her second path.
Toastmaster Grant’s knowledge and experience was gained through service and participation with Region 8, Districts 14 and 44, in the State of Georgia. Recently she relocated to South Florida, with her husband, Toastmaster Martin Grant. As a couple, they have embraced Toastmasters International and look forward to serving together, making District 47 their home.
Toastmaster Grant is from Connecticut. She attended college at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Cambridge College. She is a member of the Association for Talent and Development (ATD), and the ATD South Florida chapter. She is also a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) facilitator.

Photo of Richard Parsons
Richard Parsons
Area 23 Director

Ricardo Parsons joined NCCI Toastmasters in 2014, a corportate club in Boca Raton. He has held offices including VP Membership, VP Education,
President and Club Coach. He has served in area and district contests as well as TLI facilitator.
In addition he served as the 2022-2023 Florida Member Extension Chair for the District 47 Club Growth office.
He is currently a member of NCCI Toastmasters, Delray Newsmakers and Boca Raton Advanced Toastmasters clubs.
He is currently serving as Area 23 Director for Division B and Vice President of Education for Delray Newsmakers Club.

Photo of Martin Grant
Martin Grant
Area 24 Director

Martin is a Trinidadian, Canadian, American who attended the University of Illinois at Chicago earning his Bachelor’s degree in Management, Information Sciences, and Marketing. Martin spent over 30 years as a technology developer and he also focused on the human development life cycle thru consulting and management roles with companies like Sears Canada, Sears Roebuck, Kraft General Foods, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Citibank. Martin has taken several companies from mom-and-pop to full fledge corporations with one company experiencing exponential growth expansion.
Martin’s experiences include being a founder of the International Black Sumit (IBS), a transformation organization dedicated to altering the “Listening of Blacks and African Americans” worldwide and was selected to serve as IBS 2nd International Summit CEO; a level II Professional Certified Scrum Master; Certified Life Coach; project manager; and marine boat Captain.
Within Toastmasters, Martin has completed the Effective Coaching path, led a successful Youth Leadership Program, and he is working towards his Distinguished Toastmaster designation.
Martin currently lives with his wife Claudette Grant, DTM in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Photo of Kay Stagray
Kay Stagray
Division C Director

Kay enjoys guiding and coaching others to crush goals, complete projects, and {re}discover a passion for their mission and purpose! It has been a great joy for Kay to find a home in Toastmasters since 2018, when she joined her home club! Kay co-owns a small consulting company and lives in Boca Raton, Florida.
Quote: “I’m not a teacher, but an awakener.” ~ Robert Frost (1874-1963)
Goal: Division C – Challenge us to be the Crowning place “Where Leaders Are Made”.

Photo of Gary Martin
Gary Martin
Area 30 Director

Gary is a leader/member of the GO team (Gary & Oris 19 years married). We have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren. As an active member of Boca Raton Community Church since 1980, Gary is ordained as a Chaplain and has mentored men and women for 40+ years in retirement & recovery communities, prisons and public/private schools.
Gary enjoys communion with God and others in quiet moments (TAG time) and those He surrounds me with to receive and be a blessing. Love practicing healthy habits like: workouts, puzzles, reading, singing/speaking publicly and especially loving those in need. I especially enjoy allowing unplanned margin time to “interrupt” us with the opportunity they are to grow each of us in loving kindness and service.
Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Photo of Roxanne Hosein
Roxanne Hosein
Area 31 Director

Roxanne joined Toastmasters at the start of a Global Pandemic as her training ground toward realizing her dream of being a professional keynote speaker on both live stages and the virtual platform.
She has held office at the club level every year since her first year as a toastmaster until serving as an Area Director for Area 33 in Division C last year. She enjoyed it so much, she came back for more.
Roxanne takes pride in her heritage which roots spread far and wide to parts including Scotland, Portugal, India and the Ivory Coast culminating in the West Indies. She is married to her best friend, is a proud mother of a remarkable young man with a family of his own, a grandmother of three.
She continues on her journey of realizing her vision of being a professional speaker, trainer, storyteller, and online-learning content creator.

Photo of Lucas Lopes
Lucas Lopes
Area 32 Director

Lucas enjoys getting out of his comfort zone and diving into new challenges whether that is in extreme sports, dancing, or leadership opportunities. When he found The Toastmasters Club at FAU he knew it was the perfect place to do just that. Now he enjoys helping new members find their courage and meet their goals whatever they may be. Lucas is an Air Force veteran, Research Engineer at The Pennsylvania State University, father, and a Senior in Mechanical engineering at F.A.U.

Photo of Oris Martin DTM
Oris Martin, DTM
Area 33 Director

I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to help someone I loved. Today after twelve years that goal hasn’t changed, but my horizons have expanded and there are more people that I can reach and help.
Over the years many people have coached and encouraged me and now I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to do the same for others.
Toastmasters has impacted both my personal and professional life. My husband has joined me on this journey because he saw the way it positively impacted my ability to communicate.

Photo of Olunwa Ikpeazu
Olunwa Ikpeazu
Area 34 Director

Olunwa loves learning and growing as a leader, and loves to help others understand that leadership skills can and should be learned.
Olunwa joined Club Power Speakers in 2020 and has served respectively as Secretary (2020-2021 ) and President ( 2021-2022) in the Club.
Olunwa is a physician by profession and the mother of four young adults.
Quote: Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “ I will try again tomorrow”.——–Mary Anne Radmacher.

Photo of John Hockey DTM
John Hockey, DTM
Division D Director

2023 marks the fortieth year of my professional career in the real estate and construction industries. As part of my elevator speech, “…I have built over $1.0 billion in construction and the same volume in real estate transactions all over the world…” The two largest companies of employment are IBM and Hensel Phelps Construction Co., Inc. Currently own my own construction company, Caliber Contracting, Inc., and as a Broker Associate with RE/MAX of Stuart.
After completing the Dale Carnegie Course at the expense of IBM in the late eighties, Dale Carnegie suggested joining Toastmasters International. After attending two meetings in Poughkeepsie, New York, I was transferred to San Jose, California. It was not until I reinvented myself in 2010 that I finally join Palm City Orators.
John achieved his Distinguished Toastmaster (“DTM”) award on May 10, 2016. He served as an Area Governor in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. “Yes,” over ten years ago, when they still called the position Area Governor. Why return to leadership now?” Because I have been blessed by what Toastmasters International has done for me; feel the need to give back; changing the trajectory of the club for the future.

Photo of Barbara Strasdas DTM, PDD
Barbara Strasdas, DTM, PDD
Area 40 Director

Barbara Strasdas is a 23-year member of Toastmasters International. When she earned her Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2011, she was as proud and excited as when she received her CPA license. She now holds 4 DTM awards.
In her toastmaster journey she has had the opportunity to serve in many leadership roles: 2020-2021 District 47 Director, 2019-2020 Finance Manager,
Division Director, 2 years as Area Governor, and Chair of 5 District committees, as well as 25+ club officer positions.
She has also received these accolades: 2009 and 2014 Division D Outstanding Toastmaster, and 2023 Area 42 Super Nova.
In her professional life, her career path has been as a CPA in industry. Her creation of the mentorship program with the Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year has shown her how reaching out to the community youth will impact our future generation. She has proudly worked with 10 Youth Of the Year candidates – five of those winning the county title.
Her community involvement includes 2- time Chair of the FICPA Women’s Leadership Committee, Chair & Treasurer of the Palm Beach County FICPA Chapter and Board Treasurer of the Boys & Girls Club of Riviera Beach.

Photo of Marilyn Bieber
Marilyn Bieber
Area 42 Director

Marilyn Bieber has been a member of Toastmasters for five years and is currently a member of Sunset Speakers Toastmasters
During her tenure as a Toastmaster, Marilyn has served in a variety of club roles including Vice-President Public Relations, Vice President Membership, and club President. Marilyn served on the District 47 Club Growth Committee for the 2021-2022 term.
Marilyn joined Toastmasters to take her speaking skills to a higher level and establish a gateway to sharing her life experience with others. She is a life-long learner with degrees in Mass Communications and Media & Communications Psychology, both of which have paid off, if not in increased wealth, in an immense amount of personal satisfaction.
In her professional life, Marilyn works in the nonprofit space for an organization that accredits and provides capacity building resources to nonprofits serving Palm Beach County. Her position allows her to flex many skills honed as a Toastmaster.
In her free time, Marilyn enjoys DIY home improvement projects and loves to travel internationally when possible. She is the proud mom of adult daughter, Patience, and grandmom to Bodhi.

Photo of Laura Friedman
Laura Friedman
Area 43 Director

Laura Friedman joined Toastmasters January 1st, 2016, so she has been a toastmaster for almost eight years.
She has held an officer position in her club, Gold Coast Toastmasters, every year since she joined the organization. She has held most officer positions including Treasurer twice, VP Education twice and President of her club for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.
Laura has completed most of the speeches she is required to give to earn her DTM and is now focusing on completing her service to District 47.
She is currently an Area 43 Director for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.
Laura graduated from the University of Florida and is a CPA. She has been working in Corporate America for 40 years. She has a vast amount of experience in accounting, finance and taxation.

Photo of Lona Fink
Lona Fink
Area 44 Director

Hello Fellow Toastmasters! My name is Lona Fink. I am passionate about connecting everyone to the people and resources needed to achieve their objectives, both professionally and personally. For over 27 years, my focus has been on building and maintaining close relationships with my customers, partners, internal teams, and fellow Toastmasters. My goal is to have everyone feel supported, included, and valued.
As the President of a new club that was struggling to get off the ground, I have gone through many of the growing pains and understand the model needed for success. I would not have been able to do any of this without the immense support of Michelle LeWay, our Club Mentor, who guided me throughout the process. We re-kicked off the UKG Build Toastmasters Club in late October 2023. I’m pleased to announce that we made Select Distinguished this year by achieving seven of our goals!
I am excited to begin my journey as an Area Director to help other Toastmasters Clubs drive retention and growth, with a focus on achieving their Distinguished Goals. Additionally, I serve as a Yoodli Ambassador for District 47 and am focused on ensuring every Toastmaster understands the value this amazing tool.

Photo of Troy Rand
Troy Rand
Area 45 Director

Troy Rand considers himself a lifelong learner and strongly believes in a growth mindset. One of his goals is to inspire others to overcome obstacles by sharing his personal story of overcoming adversity.
He earned his masters and PhD in biomechanics and motor control from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and moved to South Florida after graduating. He currently lives in Lake Worth Beach Florida with his wife and two boys.
Troy has a passion for health and fitness and believes in pushing the boundaries physically to build both physical and mental resilience. He has completed over 20 marathons and ultramarathons, a half- and full-distance Ironman triathlon, multiple obstacle course races, as well as competed in powerlifting and CrossFit competitions.
He currently runs a health and fitness business where he coaches individuals in fitness and nutrition. He also does event production, setting up and operating triathlons and running races across South Florida.
Troy started Toastmasters to help facilitate his goal of inspiring others and has discovered a whole world of opportunities within Toastmasters to learn and grow. He aspires to help others grow within their Toastmasters journey.

Photo of Kathy Dyke DTM
Kathy Dyke, DTM
Division E Director

Kathy Dyke, DTM x 2 joined toastmasters July 1, 2002. She completed a BA degree in professional business management and is co-owner, director of a distribution company.
Over the years she has been involved in volunteer organizations, both in church and with her high school alumni Association and enjoys a healthy mix of family and social responsibilities.
In 2008-2009 and 2020-2021 Kathy was the division e outstanding member. Most recently she was awarded the 2022-2023 division e distinguished toastmaster super nova club award.
Kathy has held numerous club officer positions and was area governor (area director) 2008-2009.
She was on the audit committee (two years), district youth leadership team, and a pathways guide. In 2021-2022 she was the area 53 director mentor and in 2022-2023 an area 54 council member.
Kathy is a member of three clubs – West Kendall Toastmasters, Miami Advanced Toastmasters and dade County Toasters.
Kathy is very honored and excited to be the division e director 2023-2024 and believes that ‘as a team we can achieve’.

Photo of Miriam Neville
Miriam Neville
Area 50 Director

Nearly 30 years construction experience currently engaged in estimating, project management, and performing business development for a fast-growing, specialty contractor in Miami, Florida. Miriam is an active member of the Miami Chapter of National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) serving as its Secretary and the South Florida Project Management Institute (PMI). Miriam currently serves as Vice President of Education for the Out-of-the-Box Toastmasters and SFL PMI Toastmasters. Miriam holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction, and Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Project Management and Sustainable Management from Seminole State College of Florida and is pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) part-time through Florida Gulf Coast University. Miriam enjoys attending Becoming an Outdoor Woman Weekend Workshops throughout the country, escaping in her little Runaway camper enjoying Florida’s state parks, spending time with her husband and her two corgi boys, and enjoys chatting daily with her daughter, an over-the-road, national dry van driver. As Area E50 Director, Miriam hopes to facilitate better communication between the District and Area 50 Toastmasters Clubs and wants all members to enthusiastically participate while bettering their communication and leadership skills.

Photo of Sarah Mungul
Sarah Mungul
Area 51 Director

Sarah serves as the Marketing and Communications Manager for Health Choice Network (HCN), a nationwide collaboration among health centers and partners. Sarah joined HCN in January 2021. Her duties as the Marketing and Communications Manager include overseeing the development and implementation of marketing strategies and creating new content to ensure the community at large can have a pulse on the organization. In addition, she develops all marketing and social media materials for corporate events and activities and works internally with all departments to develop and implement campaigns to promote the services provided at HCN.
Sarah has a B.S. degree in Mass Media and Communications from Florida State University and an M.S. degree in Marketing from Florida International University. She is a member of Toastmasters International and is also has her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 certification.

Photo of Ankita Chaturvedi
Ankita Chaturvedi
Area 53 Director

Ankita Chaturvedi is currently the Vice President Membership of Blue Lagoon Toastmasters and has held various other positions like President, Vice President Education, Vice President Public Relations, etc. in the past. She has been a member since 2018 and is in process of completing her 4th Pathway. She is a Data Analytics professional, a voracious reader, and an enthusiastic traveler when time permits.

Photo of Lukas Calafell
Lukas Calafell
Area 54 Director

Lukas Calafell joined Toastmasters for many of the reasons others join it — to improve communication skills and speak with confidence. In July 2019, Lukas joined his first club, Coral Gables Toastmasters and remains a member today.
Within Coral Gables Toastmasters, Lukas has served as VP Public Relations, and Club President. He is curfrently finishing his second term as Club President.
Lukas was also a member of the online club, Online Presenters.
Lukas served District 47 in different capacities throughout his Toastmasters journey. He served as a Pathways Trainer for District 47 from 2020-2021. In addition, he served the Florida Keys Toastmasters Club as their Club Coach from 2021-2022, supporting them to become recognized within the Distinguished Club Program.
Lukas’ journey in the Pathways Educational program has led him to complete the Innovative Planning Path and he is currently on Level 5 in the Strategic Relationships Path.
An area of interest for Lukas is helping others learn how to leverage the tools and features available in the club website hosting platform, FreeToastHost to make club websites accessible and easy to use.

Lukas is excited and motivated to serve as the 2023-2024 Area 54 Director.

Photo of Denise Nedimyer DTM
Denise Nedimyer, DTM
Area 55 Director

Although a native of Indiana, I moved to the Florida Keys in 1982. I took a sabbatical from ICU nursing to raise and homeschool our four girls and later returned to my medical career as a private health and weight loss coach. My husband, Ken, continues to develop new techniques for growing and planting coral. Therefore, we both travel frequently to islands to impart these techniques to help others restore their coral reefs. While developing our side e-commerce business, I found a need to improve my presentation skills which led me to Toastmasters in 2010. I am enjoying the journey of my personal growth as well as experiencing joy in seeing others blossom in their skills. I believe we each possess tremendous potential. Together, as a group, we have the opportunity to nurture, enlighten, encourage, and support each other to become better versions of ourselves as we walk out the purposes of our lives.

Photo of Denison Balfour DTM
Denison Balfour, DTM
Division F Director

Denison Balfour, is the last of seven, born to Roderick and Estelle Simms, in Nassau. She grew up with Holy Trinity Anglican Church and St. John’s College just steps away.
The Assistant Manager at the Industry Training Department, Ministry of Tourism boasts of a 40 year career and firmly believes in exceeding customer expectations.
She is a 2007 College of The Bahamas graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management and is completing an MBA with specialty in Leadership and Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University.
Denison joined Healing Communicators Club 7178 in 2007 as a sponge. This exposure increased her passion for leadership. She has served in several leadership roles at various clubs, and as Area 80 Governor 2009/2010. A Distinguished Toastmaster from 2010, she is active in two clubs and assists many others. In April 2023, she was elected Division F Director, with administrative responsibility for 20 clubs in The Bahamas.
Denison never hesitates to accept personal, spiritual, and professional development. She also accepts responsibility for preparing others to lead the way, leaving a legacy.
Isaiah 40:31 and Whitney Houston’s I Look To You, inspire her daily. However, she considers her most important roles as a wife and mother of one adult.

Photo of Tesha Dames-Smith
Tesha Dames-Smith
Area 60 Director

Most people have a special place in their heart for music of some sort. For Tesha, it’s no different as music has been her life since she stems from a musically inclined family. As a 16-year Music Educator, she nurtured the talent of youths on all islands where she worked and was instrumental in exposing them to performances in notable arenas including Disney World and extensively throughout the Bahama Islands.
Tesha is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Florida Memorial University with a B.S. Degree in Music Education. She was honored as one of FMU’s 40 Under 40 Alumni Awardees in 2021. Tesha is an author, the Founder of Klass Act Mentoring Program & Co-founder of Girls With a Purpose Mentoring Program.
Tesha joined Toastmasters in October 2020 to help her get rid of the jitterbugs during impromptu speaking. She was awarded as Pinnacle Seekers’ Shooting Star 2021. Tesha is a member of Leading Voices where she was awarded the Level-Up Award 2021-2022, achieved Triple Crown 2022-2023, and served as VPE 2022-2023 for a 10/10 President’s Distinguished team finish. She is the President Elect 2023-2024.
Outside of work and Toastmasters, you may find Tesha -the wife of one husband -the mother of one daughter, lounging on the beach, hopping on a flight, watching the sunset from her backyard, or encouraging the girls and women she meets to be the best version of themselves.

Photo of Eleasha Knowles
Eleasha Knowles
Area 61 Director

Eleasha Knowles joined toastmasters in September 2019. Since then, she has immersed herself into the program and flourished into a confident communicator and an outstanding leader in her community. Eleasha has achieved many accolades in the Toastmasters program including earning the club’s shooting star award and becoming District 47’s Evaluation Speech Contest Champion in April 2021.
She is a visionary who brings great creativity, resourcefulness and an overall spirit of valor and enthusiasm to all pursuits. She promotes service and leadership with excellence to make intentional impact in the lives of others. She diligently served her Toastmasters club as Sergeant at Arms during the 2022 to 2023 Toastmasters year. She is excited to serve as Secretary for the year 2023 to 2024.

Photo of Anastasia Smith
Anastasia Smith
Area 62 Director

Influenced by her mother’s love for teaching and her experiences as a middle child Ms. Anastasia Smith decided to pursue a career in education.
She is the mother of 2 but motherly to many. She is a student of University of the West Indies where she studies Early Childhood Development and Family Studies. She is the Deputy Chairperson of The Universal Children’s Day Committee an Assistant District Manager for the Youth Empowerment Program and a Mentor for the MissFIT Girls Organization. Her influence in the lives of children have not only been granted through these organizations but also through her church Life Changes Ministries International where she is a Children’s Ministry Worker and First Step Academy which has employed her in varying capacities over the past 20 years.
She is a strong believer that “In order to be heard, you must speak”. It is this belief that has led her to joining Toastmasters International where she most recently served President of her club of Dynamic Persuaders Toastmasters Club #1200778. This belief also led her to start Be Becoming, which is life enrichment platform for youth geared toward mentorship and career assistance.
She is an Educator by profession and has many pursuits yet, she would count it as a major achievement to be remembered as someone that has lived a life first pleasing to God but secondly, that has left a positive impact on the next generation.

Photo of Kareem Willdream
Kareem Willdream
Area 63 Director

Kareem Willdream (Will Dream) was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. He says that he was born with a pencil in his hand, despite how painful that may sound.
His Dad was a Welder, Builder, Certified diver, inventor and even released an album with 4 songs… it didn’t sound good.
His Mom is a nurse, speaker, counsellor, minister and author.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so a child from these two must be mixed up like conch salad.
Kareem is an Artist, Engineer (almost), Toastmaster, Youth leader and the First of his name.
His life’s purpose is to use art to help people find and refine their true selves.
The way this is achieved might vary, but the goal is to bring ideas to life and die empty, after giving all he has to give.
Kareem will dream… will you?

Photo of Wence Martin DTM
Wence Martin, DTM
Division I Director

Wence Martin joined Toastmasters about 19 years ago. One of the reasons for joining Toastmasters was to improve his personal communications and public speaking skills and as well as to overcome a speech impediment. He enhanced his leadership skills by serving in numerous executive positions in his home club (Healing Communicators) as well as other clubs locally such as Pinnacle Seekers, Club Cousteau and internationally such as TCI Toastmasters Club (District 81). He has won numerous evaluation, table topics, and humorous speech contests and now assists as a training judge, parliamentarian, mentor and personal coach to many Toastmasters in multiple districts. He served as an Area Governor (President’s Distinguished Area) and District 47 Contest Chair. He received the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) designation in 2011.
Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Martin received undergraduate degrees in Business, Economics from the College of The Bahamas, and Holborn College, London. He has a terminal law degree from the University of London, a Certificate of Legal Education from Eugene Dupuch Law School, a Master of Laws from Oxford Brookes University and he is currently pursuing a doctorate in law & economic policy. He has also studied digital law and technology at Lyon Catholic University, France and numerous graduate certificates in AML-Compliance, International Taxation, International Trust Management, and International Relations/Diplomacy from various institution.
DTM Martin is an adjunct law faculty member at the University of The Bahamas Law School. As a seasoned corporate and commercial attorney, he provides legal solutions and advice on a myriad of compliance, legal, regulatory & tax issues.
He also organises free legal aid clinics that cater to civil society, charities, etc. His hobbies include astronomy, backyard farming, reading, tennis, traveling.

Photo of Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams
Area 90 Director

Samuel Williams Jr. was born on the tiny island of New Providence Bahamas but grew up in nation’s second capital, Freeport Grand Bahama, Bahamas. He is the seventh child nine children born Shirley and Samuel Williams. He is married to Colette Williams DTM for thirty one years and the father of three beautiful daughters and two handsome and energetic grandsons. He obtained his formal education at St. Vincent de Paul Primary and Hawksbill High School where he graduated in the class of 1984. After graduation he founded a welding company called L&A industrial were he work as a pipe welder , he also received his certification in Train the trainer at Wrenn Handling , Barloworld Handling LP in Tampa Florida, and later pursuit his passion to became a heavy equipment operator . In 1986 he got the job of his dream as a heavy equipment operator with the Freeport harbor company where he worked for 19 years . He is currently employed with Five star shipping as the trucking coordinator manger. He aspires to one day become a motivational speaker. In his leisure time he enjoys bible study, doing small building projects around the home , listening to old school music and football with the 49ers being his favorite team.

Photo of Susan George
Susan George
Area 91 Director

My name is Susan George, and I am a passionate teacher who finds great joy in the art of teaching. I firmly believe that being a teacher means being a part of a transformative process, where minds are shaped, and lives are changed. Teaching has always been a magical experience for me, and this enchantment has driven me to seek further personal and professional growth. Being a teacher and mother of three, I had to strive to have a self-motivated and enthusiastic approach to life. These qualities have allowed me to pursue my dreams and face challenges head-on. As I became aware of my own potential, I realized the importance of continuous growth and improvement.
In 2017, I embarked on a journey with Toastmasters International to develop my leadership and communication skills, and it has been an incredible voyage of self-discovery and empowerment. Through active participation in various club roles, I embraced responsibility and honed my organizational skills. I had the privilege of serving as the President, VPE (Vice President of Education) twice, and Secretary in my club, each experience adding a unique layer to my personal and professional growth. These roles taught me the value of accountability, teamwork, and effective communication, shaping me into a well-rounded individual.
These experiences gained during my tenure in Toastmasters have empowered me to take on a new challenge: becoming an Area Director. This position allows me to extend my impact beyond the boundaries of my club and influence a larger community of Toastmasters. I am determined to utilize my skills and knowledge to create a positive and transformative environment for fellow members. Through my role, I aspire to create a space where members feel motivated, inspired, and empowered to unleash their full potential.

Photo of Andin Edwards DTM
Andin Edwards, DTM
Area 92 Director

Andin Edwards is a Radiological Technologist, Sonographer, Adult Trainer, and Certified Professional Coach. Through her experience in the healthcare field, Andin knows first-hand what a stress-filled, yet exciting career, demands of people. This background combined with her involvement in Toastmasters has enhanced her abilities in leading, mentoring, and coaching others as they strive to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Whether they desire career advancement, work-life balance, leadership skills, or doing public speaking, Andin has witnessed the bold positive changes her clients and her fellow-toastmasters are willing to make to improve themselves and their environment.
Working as a Certified Coach and as a mentor and leader in the Toastmasters Organization, Andin is committed to her clients’ growth and development. She is always ready to support, guide and champion them as they strive to achieve their goals.
Andin is a life-long learner who believes that there is always more room for growth. She wholeheartedly believes, The Toastmasters Organization provides a world class education program with many opportunities to become effective communicators and leaders.
Andin began her toastmaster’s journey in October 1998 and received the Distinguished Toastmasters Award, the highest Award in the Toastmasters, in 2015.
Personal Quote: “Be authentic, own your inner image”

Photo of Ramon Sweeting
Ramon Sweeting
Area 93 Director

I, Ramon Sweeting worked in the IT Industry for 30+ Years with different roles as IT Tech, , IT Help Desk, as far as Support for Networking, Hardware, Installations, and cabling. My passion is learning how things work and how to fix them.
During my school life, I was an average and above average student. I was not afforded the luxury of higher education right away like most of my peers. And I learned that hard work is the key to every man’s success.
I loved my technical classes in high school like electrical, technical drawing, and carpentry. I decided to go into a technical course after working hours when I studied electronics. That’s course opened the doors for me in the technical world, Life has always been a challenge for me therefore I embrace and learn from challenges that come my way.
I am active in Diocese & Church media ministries; I try to learn as much as I can although I think I pass the age to go back to school but never too old to learn.
Other than Toastmasters, I’m apart of the Diocese & Church Media Team, I assist several churches with Tech consulting and assisting ministries when requested.
I’m an asset to all organizations because I do some research to understand what we are doing and better able to think outside the box. “There are more ways to skin a cat”.
I have recently passed My Scrum Master certification and am looking forward to passing my CAPM soon.
You are never too old to learn because you never know what challenges will come in front of you in this fast-paced world.