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Photo of Denison Balfour DTM
Denison Balfour, DTM
Division F Director

Denison Balfour, is the last of seven, born to Roderick and Estelle Simms, in Nassau. She grew up with Holy Trinity Anglican Church and St. John’s College just steps away.
The Assistant Manager at the Industry Training Department, Ministry of Tourism boasts of a 40 year career and firmly believes in exceeding customer expectations.
She is a 2007 College of The Bahamas graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management and is completing an MBA with specialty in Leadership and Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University.
Denison joined Healing Communicators Club 7178 in 2007 as a sponge. This exposure increased her passion for leadership. She has served in several leadership roles at various clubs, and as Area 80 Governor 2009/2010. A Distinguished Toastmaster from 2010, she is active in two clubs and assists many others. In April 2023, she was elected Division F Director, with administrative responsibility for 20 clubs in The Bahamas.
Denison never hesitates to accept personal, spiritual, and professional development. She also accepts responsibility for preparing others to lead the way, leaving a legacy.
Isaiah 40:31 and Whitney Houston’s I Look To You, inspire her daily. However, she considers her most important roles as a wife and mother of one adult.

Photo of Tesha Dames-Smith
Tesha Dames-Smith
Area 60 Director

Most people have a special place in their heart for music of some sort. For Tesha, it’s no different as music has been her life since she stems from a musically inclined family. As a 16-year Music Educator, she nurtured the talent of youths on all islands where she worked and was instrumental in exposing them to performances in notable arenas including Disney World and extensively throughout the Bahama Islands.
Tesha is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Florida Memorial University with a B.S. Degree in Music Education. She was honored as one of FMU’s 40 Under 40 Alumni Awardees in 2021. Tesha is an author, the Founder of Klass Act Mentoring Program & Co-founder of Girls With a Purpose Mentoring Program.
Tesha joined Toastmasters in October 2020 to help her get rid of the jitterbugs during impromptu speaking. She was awarded as Pinnacle Seekers’ Shooting Star 2021. Tesha is a member of Leading Voices where she was awarded the Level-Up Award 2021-2022, achieved Triple Crown 2022-2023, and served as VPE 2022-2023 for a 10/10 President’s Distinguished team finish. She is the President Elect 2023-2024.
Outside of work and Toastmasters, you may find Tesha -the wife of one husband -the mother of one daughter, lounging on the beach, hopping on a flight, watching the sunset from her backyard, or encouraging the girls and women she meets to be the best version of themselves.

Photo of Eleasha Knowles
Eleasha Knowles
Area 61 Director

Eleasha Knowles joined toastmasters in September 2019. Since then, she has immersed herself into the program and flourished into a confident communicator and an outstanding leader in her community. Eleasha has achieved many accolades in the Toastmasters program including earning the club’s shooting star award and becoming District 47’s Evaluation Speech Contest Champion in April 2021.
She is a visionary who brings great creativity, resourcefulness and an overall spirit of valor and enthusiasm to all pursuits. She promotes service and leadership with excellence to make intentional impact in the lives of others. She diligently served her Toastmasters club as Sergeant at Arms during the 2022 to 2023 Toastmasters year. She is excited to serve as Secretary for the year 2023 to 2024.

Photo of Anastasia Smith
Anastasia Smith
Area 62 Director

Influenced by her mother’s love for teaching and her experiences as a middle child Ms. Anastasia Smith decided to pursue a career in education.
She is the mother of 2 but motherly to many. She is a student of University of the West Indies where she studies Early Childhood Development and Family Studies. She is the Deputy Chairperson of The Universal Children’s Day Committee an Assistant District Manager for the Youth Empowerment Program and a Mentor for the MissFIT Girls Organization. Her influence in the lives of children have not only been granted through these organizations but also through her church Life Changes Ministries International where she is a Children’s Ministry Worker and First Step Academy which has employed her in varying capacities over the past 20 years.
She is a strong believer that “In order to be heard, you must speak”. It is this belief that has led her to joining Toastmasters International where she most recently served President of her club of Dynamic Persuaders Toastmasters Club #1200778. This belief also led her to start Be Becoming, which is life enrichment platform for youth geared toward mentorship and career assistance.
She is an Educator by profession and has many pursuits yet, she would count it as a major achievement to be remembered as someone that has lived a life first pleasing to God but secondly, that has left a positive impact on the next generation.

Photo of Kareem Willdream
Kareem Willdream
Area 63 Director

Kareem Willdream (Will Dream) was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. He says that he was born with a pencil in his hand, despite how painful that may sound.
His Dad was a Welder, Builder, Certified diver, inventor and even released an album with 4 songs… it didn’t sound good.
His Mom is a nurse, speaker, counsellor, minister and author.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so a child from these two must be mixed up like conch salad.
Kareem is an Artist, Engineer (almost), Toastmaster, Youth leader and the First of his name.
His life’s purpose is to use art to help people find and refine their true selves.
The way this is achieved might vary, but the goal is to bring ideas to life and die empty, after giving all he has to give.
Kareem will dream… will you?