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Photo of Price Polynice DTM
Price Polynice, DTM
Program Quality Director

Price Polynice DTM, is a two-time Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with a diverse background in business and public speaking. He has been a proud member of Toastmasters International for 11 years. Price has dedicated himself to developing his leadership skills, serving in various club-level, area-level, division-level and district-level roles, including Area Director, Division Director, and District Club Retention Chair. He is currently a member of three clubs.

Price is a proud veteran of the United States Navy and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Executive Certificate in Project Management. He is also a TEDx Speaker Coach and Workshop Coach, sharing his expertise and knowledge to empower others. He is a sought-after workshop presenter, who shares his insights and expertise on a wide range of topics. His passion is to be of service to others, helping them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact.

Photo of Michelle Leway DTM
Michelle Leway, DTM
Conference Chair

Distinguished Toastmaster Michelle LeWay has been in Toastmasters since January 2014 & just earned her 2nd DTM. She has fulfilled multiple roles in her home District of 47 – Area Director, Division Director, District Contest Chair, Club Mentor, Club Coach and has organized and run over 15 Youth Leadership Programs in South Florida. She has held numerous club officer roles & has been involved in over 175 speech contests in her Toastmasters career. Michelle has been honored twice with the Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year award. Her grown-up job is as a Procurement Specialist for Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, but her background in theatre, clowning & circus arts helps keeps the balance between her adult side & her inner child. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michelle found a crazy, beloved family in the Toastmasters & loves to help others achieve things that they didn’t think were possible.

Photo of Mikia Cooper
Mikia Cooper
Conference Chair

Mikia S. Cooper’s journey with Healing Communicators Toastmasters Club 7178 began in January 2013, sparking her passion for effective communication and leadership. Rising through the ranks, she made a lasting impact on the club’s history. Influenced by her father’s leadership, Mikia held various roles within the club, including Vice President of Membership and Vice President of Education. As club president in 2015-2016, she led with vision and collaboration, propelling the club to new heights. Her presidency coincided with the birth of her daughter, showcasing her dedication. Beyond the club, Mikia served as an Area Director, inspiring growth and excellence in multiple clubs, and as Assistant Club Growth for Division F, expanding the organization’s reach. Alongside her Toastmasters involvement, Mikia is a Partner in her law firm, Twenty Twenty & Associates, practicing family law, real estate, and more. She is also a Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer, upholding ethical standards. Mikia’s achievements extend beyond her professional life as she cherishes her relationship with her daughter and enjoys exploring the beauty of the family islands. Through her leadership, legal expertise, and commitment to growth, Mikia inspires others to strive for greatness and leaves a lasting impact.

Photo of Betsy Robinson DTM
Betsy Robinson, DTM
Pathways Chair

Betsy Robinson, DTM joined Toastmasters September, 2008 as a charter member of her company’s corporate club (NCCI Toastmasters). She jumped on board and has been a member 4 other clubs. She is currently a member of three clubs-two of which are in District 47-one being her beloved corporate club. She has held various leadership roles: Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Vice President of Membership (twice), Vice President of Education, Club President, Division C Area 30 President’s Distinguished Director (2021-2022), Club Coach (twice) and Pathways Trainer. Betsy was awarded Division C Outstanding Club Member (2021). Betsy earned her Distinguished Toastmaster designation July, 2022. She is actively working on obtaining her second Distinguished Toastmaster designation.
Betsy joined NCCI Holdings in March, 2006 as an underwriting analyst. As a subject matter expert, she assists teammates as they determine eligibility for workers compensation in the residual market for 22 US states. Betsy researches inquiries regarding application status, classification of businesses operations, outstanding debt and non-compliance, and program rules.
Her hobbies include traveling with her husband, Steve, playing Mah Jong with her friends, and chillaxing when the opportunity arises.

Photo of Linda Clarke DTM
Linda Clarke, DTM
Pathways Chair

Toastmaster Linda Clarke is a native of Grand Bahama, Bahamas. She moved to New Providence in 2014.
An avid learner, Linda holds an LLM in International Finance & Banking Law from the University of Liverpool, an LLB (Hons) from the University of Huddersfield and a Project Management Certification from International Business Training Association. She is employed at Gateway Ascendancy Ltd as a Real Estate Owned Manager.
Linda joined the Toastmasters program in December 2020 as a member of Healing Communicators Club 7178 based in Nassau. She later joined Sunrise Toastmasters Club 7376003 based in Sunrise, FL. Since becoming a Toastmaster, Linda has held leadership roles at the club and district levels including Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, Area Director, and Club Coach. She was awarded Toastmaster of the Year 2021/2022 for Healing Communicators. This program year, Linda serves as the Vice President Education for Sunrise Toastmasters and Vice President Public Relations for Healing Communicators.
Recreationally, Linda is a passionate long-distance runner, TEDx Speaker-Coach and travel enthusiast, to name a few. She shares her journey of being a dedicated marathoner and run coach on her website
Linda is the proud mother of a nine-year-old son, London.

Photo of Sheria King DTM
Sheria King, DTM
DTM Chair

As a member of Toastmasters, she has held various club officers’ roles in her home club Police Dynamic Enforcers. She held the office of Area Director for Area 63 2021-2022.
Since joining the Toastmaster’s program in 2005, Ms. King stated that it was always a learning experience. However, in 2015 she acquired a newfound commitment. It was not simply a means to develop her oral communication, BUT she found the program tremendously enhanced her leadership skills.
Her mantra is that – failure is a pathway to success.

Photo of Michelle Washington DTM
Michelle Washington, DTM
DTM Chair

TM Michelle Washington has been a member of Toastmasters International since December 2012. She has been an officer in at least one of her clubs since 2013. She is currently Vice President Education of Out-of-the Box Toastmasters Club and a member of Universal Advanced Toastmasters Club. Michelle has also served as a District 47 Area Director, TLI Manager and Administration Manager.
Michelle loves Toastmasters, because it provides her the opportunity to learn continuously while helping to inspire and mentor others.
Michelle has spent over two decades in the IT Industry at the Miami International Airport. She works individually and collectively to create network solutions for the Miami Dade Aviation Department and its tenants.
Outside of her work life, Michelle serves in various organizations throughout the South Florida community. She is especially committed to her church organization where she serves as a licensed teacher for the Universal Foundation for Better Living.
Dear to Michelle’s heart is family. Her husband Richard and her three beautiful daughters, Richelle, Rianna and Mikayla, make her look forward to waking up every day.
Cool, calm and collective are the perfect words to describe DTM Michelle Washington. Her motto: “I will let nothing and no one can disturb my peace.”

Photo of Ernesto Gongora DTM
Ernesto Gongora, DTM
Speech Contest Chair

Ernesto Gongora, DTM, joined Toastmasters in November of 2004. He has served in all Club officer roles (some more than once). He is currently member of 2 Toastmasters Clubs: The First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters Club 1600 and Cable Revolutionaries Toastmasters Club.
He served as Area 81 Governor in 2011-2012 and founded Cable Revolutionaries Toastmasters Club, currently his home Club. He is a Telecommunications Engineer and works for Cable Bahamas Ltd. in the Cable Bahamas Business Solutions department as a Senior Commercial Support Engineer dedicated to
the Business Telephone Systems’ design implementation and maintenance.
He is married to the love of his life, Irma, and is the father of 11-year-old twins Oscar and Victoria. His hobbies include: treasure hunting, sky diving, yachting, casino gambling and day dreaming (Not necessarily in that order).

Photo of Aura Bencosme DTM
Aura Bencosme, DTM
Speech Contest Chair

Aura Bencosme is a Florida and New York State Certified School Psychologist. She worked with the New York City Public Schools for 5 years. In 1994, she joined Miami Dade County Public Schools primarily in special programs for at-risk youth. She is a Mental Wellness sponsor at one of her school sites, and a member of the Threat Assessment Team at the Educational Alternative Outreach Program- Miami Dade County Public Schools. Aura served as the special area representative on the Dade Association of School Psychologists board during the 2021-2022 school year. Also, she served as Secretary for the Educational Excellence School Advisory Council at the Educational Alternative Outreach Program- Miami Dade County Public Schools during the 2021-2022 school year.
She has been a Toastmaster since November 2015, being a charter member of West Pines Toastmasters Club and Peel Bilingual Spanish Club based in Canada. She is a member of Miramar Dynamic Toastmasters Club, Broward College Toastmasters Club, Sunrise Toastmasters Club, and Peel Bilingual Spanish Club.

Photo of Sharmaine Goodman-Davis DTM
Sharmaine Goodman-Davis, DTM

Sharmaine Goodman-Davis attended her first Toastmasters meeting in September 2000 as a result of a flyer inviting people to attend a Toastmasters meeting. She had seen a sign posted that invited interested persons to visit the Club; namely the Bahamas Baptist Community College Club #9477. She was “hooked” after the very first meeting! Within three years, TM Goodman-Davis had served as the Club’s VP Public Relations, the Vice President-Education and Club President!
During the 2008/2009 Toastmasters year, TM Goodman-Davis served as Area 85 Governor; under the leadership of DTM Pamela D. Rolle. It was during this time that Sharmaine was introduced to leadership on a larger scale. Her Mentor (then Division Governor) DTM Pamela Rolle guided her throughout the year, which allowed her to end the 2008/2009 year successfully as a President Distinguished Area Governor.
Over the years, TM Goodman-Davis has attended numerous meetings, competed in contests, attended Conferences, and made many friends during her time as a Toastmaster. She looks forward to many more years to come.
Sharmaine is a proud Mom of one daughter; TM Diamonde Davis; District 47’s SHOOTING STAR 2022. She looks forward to mentoring TM Diamonde Davis in her quest to attain her DTM status.

Photo of Steven Harwood DTM
Steven Harwood, DTM

Steven Harwood, DTM is a Toastmaster for over 15 years. He a Charter Member of Zhong-Mei (Chinese-Eng.) Bilingual Toastmasters in NYC, Co-Founder and incoming VP Membership, of Broward Bilingual (Span.-Eng) Toastmasters Club (“Florida’s first Bilingual Toastmasters Club”), Charter Member and incoming President of Bilingual Toastmasters (French-Eng.) du Grand Toronto, Charter member of Peel Bilingual Toastmasters (Span.-Eng) in Toronto, and incoming VP Membership for Good Morning Gelfand
Toastmasters. In District 47 Steve has served as Area Director, District 47 Chair for Club Expansion, was Div. B’s 2012 Outstanding Toastmaster, and was Runner-Up in Div. B’s 2017 International Speech
Contest. Fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and with knowledge of Hindi, Steve is an international entrepreneur, President of Latin Nexus, LLC, where he helps companies expand their global footprint in international markets. In his corporate life, Steve held posts with major US and European healthcare companies as Regional Director Asia/Pacific, Regional Director Latin America, and as an expatriate based in India and Taiwan. Steve is also a former Adjunct Professor of International Business in the MBA program of the State Univ. of New York at Binghamton.

Photo of Arlene Preudhomme
Arlene Preudhomme
Program Quality Assistant

Arlene Preudhomme has been a member of Toastmasters Intermational for the past five years. Her home club is West Pines Toastmasters. She has served as a club officer for 4 years: once as Club President, once as Club Treasurer and twice as Club VPE. She also served as District 47’s Finance Manager during 2021-2022 and District 47’s Web Editor and Division A’s PQD during 2020-2021. She has served as Chief Judge and Co-Chair of various Area Contests. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and mother of 2 teenage sons and 1 adult daughter outside of Toastmasters.